Wk 2 — Activity — Painting


I am more than happy to go to the Venice Art Wall to do my painting, but since I have to go to another city this weekend I was not able to make that. It is extremely hard for me to find a legal place to print and I also thought it is always not right to paint anywhere outside or in a public place.

I found that maybe I can paint on the ground which is better than anywhere else if I do not want to bother anyone. Finally I choose a small space on the floor that is under the mountain in desert. It was not as easy as I thought even What I was going to pain is not difficult. I picked three colors for my painting so that I can have different colors for my name.

I used the spray paints to paint my name on the ground with the color purple, blue and green. And made some correction in order that they looked better.The scenery there in the desert is gorgeous which made my painting more beautiful. I have never and never thought I would do this kind of painting before cause I am really not that kind of person who is like painting or drawing.I was happy when I took pictures of the painting, it looked extremely good. It is good to have this experience in my college life.


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