Wk 3 — Classmate Interview — Yevgeniy Kaler

I am a little shy to talk to anyone when I have to use a second language. I met Yevgeniy Kaler at Max L Gallery East, he is a little late to class, that is why he looked in a hurry. Yevgenly is 26 major  and in Mechanical Engineering, The first impression he gave me is tall, maybe because I was a little short. He lives in Santa Monica and it will take him about  25 minutes to get to school.

Yevgeniy is actually an Russian, his family moved to the USA since he was 8. He has an old sister who is now 38 and an older brother now is 30. Yevgeniy is a little excited when I he asked him his hobby, he likes work in his car and he is actually have a job that work in engineering on trains. I guess he really likes his job so much and having fun with working on his car.

After talked to Yevgeniy, I found he is very easygoing and nice. Even thought the only similarities we have is watching movies we enjoyed our conversation very much.

Yevgeniy Kaler
Yevgeniy Kaler
Yevgeniy Kaler
Yevgeniy Kaler

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