Wk 3 — Artist Interview — Ian Rovertson

When I enter to the Marilyn Wer by Gallery, the “animal  painting” which made by the artist Ian Rovertson come to my eyes at the very first moment, it is all made charcoal which is beyond amazing. And it is nice to see so many animal in a painting, give me a sense of natural. To be honest, I know little about arts, but I think Ian’s painting is gorgeous.

Ian and his excellent painting
Ian and his excellent painting

Ian start doing arts when he was five, both of their parents love arts too, he was just grew up with arts, painting is part of his life. Ian is also very nice and patient, he explained a lot about his painting to us. He started his painting at the school studio and it took him 15 hours to finish it,that is his biggest painting of all.

Ian's Fantastic work
Ian’s Fantastic work

The snake and water in his artist work presents underworld like spirit world as well as the deer and cities. The sky, the stars and clouds represents heaven.The top of the painting are filled with eyebrows which is fantastic.

Ian likes animals very much that is why he prefer drawing so many lovely animal in his work.I believe he will become a famous artist in the future and more and more people will see and enjoy his work.

Marilyn Werby Gallery
Another great work from Ian
Another great work from Ian

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