Wk 4 — Artist Interview — Daniel A Rivera-Echeverria

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It is a great to see something new and special in Dc.Maxine Merlino Gallery. As the door is kept closed in that Gallery which made me a little curious. After I opened the door, seemed like I entered to another world. It is dark inside but one side of the wall filled with beautiful lights which made the world romantic. Even the work is creative, it is hard to understand the whole procedure. That is why so many classmates was attracted here I thought.

The artist for this work is Daniel A Rivera-Echeverria, he was sit outside answering all questions from those curious students, he is patient, easing-going and lovely. After all the students were left, I got a chance to ask him the procedure and the idea of making this impressive work. The main material for this work is wood, rope, small stokes. It looked easy but difficult task to finish. He spent two month to do it. The exhibition is a painting composed of small strokes and tears. stroke is created with layers of art magazine paper,articles, construction paper, and canvas; Imbedded underneath area string that are pulled apart to reveal the light in each individual piece.

The meaning of this work is to show people that they can do differently and rip away from a traditional way of thinking and opening a void of new possibilities. everyone should always try something new and be more creative. Also the reason why he want to give these away after the exhibition to our students is bring the idea that artist is not usually give arts  away but to your family ,your friends. So people can hold them and choose their own.The absence light or adversity can create the potential to illuminate a chance to better ourselves.


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