Wk 4 — Classmate Interview — Tatiana Costa


So shy as I was in this class, keep quiet and stay alone is my choice at the beginning of the class. A little earlier to the class, I lean on a stone and text to my classmates. Tatiana Costa came to me at this moment and asked me if I was looking for a partner. She is so cute, I said no and then started our conversation.

Tatiana was born in California, and she lives in Artesia which is very close to the campus, it may take her 15 minutes to drive to school. Unlike me, this is her first in college, and she is major in Kinesiology.Tatiana has one younger brother who is now on high school.Like most of the Americans, Tatiana Costa loves dog too and she has two dogs in her backyard. She named her dog Zoey and another one is Menina, they are all female dogs. Sometimes Tatiana may go to her backyard and have fun with their dogs. I think Tatiana may like Menina very much, she was happy when talked about Menina. Actually Menina is a Portugal name which means girl.We do have some similarities that we both like beach and our favorite color are pink. What I think is a little funny is Tatiana like singing in the shower or rain, sounds like romantic. It did not surprise me that Tatiana like Disney movies and “Tangled ” is  her favorite one.

Veronica, Tatiana’s good friend was with us during our conversation, they were high school classmates and still good friends in college. Hoping they are friendships remain and never can end.


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