Wk 5 — Artist Interview — Liz Talbot

After I watched all the paintings in these Gallery I went back to the Marilyn Gallery where there is few people there at that time. And most of the paintings that show in this gallery are too bright which make me confused. But those pictures are really beautiful as each of them are filled with so many different colors and shapes.

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Liz said that she did not really like these painting so much because she painted them not for personal aspiration but only for graduation, she painted them because she had to. Liz started to draw since she was a kid and she stated herself as an realistic painter and she like to create space when she paint. She prefer to work realistic as she always paint from direct observations. Other than that what she painting is what she seeing, but she is absolutely  not just copy for what she seeing. In her view, realism is about personal experience through shape and color that appeal to organize themselves.

I think Liz is a girl with strong personality, she do not talk too much unless we keep ask questions, and she prefer us to take pictures with their paintings instead of her.



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