Wk 5 — Classmate Interview — Chiristen

When I got to the Arts Gallery , seemed everyone was busy with their conversation, except when Christen passed by, I realized she was looking for someone to interview just like me. Then I turned back and said hell to her. Christen is so cute that she was smiling all the time during our conversation, her smile make me more relaxed and made our conversation full of fun.

Christen live in the ihouse and there are totally six person in her dormitory but she was actually born in California and now live in Anaheim with his dad, she went home every Thursday after school.Christen is the only child in her family and she got her first dog whose name is belly last year from his father. She is major in Fashion that is why she has textile class, other than that she has Ethic and English class too.

Christen likes movies that can make people think differently like her favorite one is” Mr. Nobody”.She like blue color most and that the color most of her clothe is. She also like beach and often hang out with her boyfriend at the weekend. She learned swim from summer camp since she was a little child but she have not swim for a long time. Christen is a very nice girl , even my English is not good enough to explain all the things clear enough, she was very polite and patient to me. I hope she can always keep her smile and may her happiness be without limit.

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