Wk 5 — Activity — Kickstarter


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theearnestlovers/the-earnest-lovers-debut-ep?ref=category (amazing)

It is good to know Kickstarter from the Arts 110, nothing is more excited to always try and learn something new. This class provide us lots of opportunity to gain knowledge both inside and outside of the class. For this activity, I chose music as my first project as I love music since I was kid, I believe it is true that sometime music can help us to feel a peace of mind just like the song “I Still Missing You” sang by The Earnest Lovers.

Classic country music has been described as ‘three chords and the truth’ and though the path that inspires The Earnest Lovers might be well worn. Just like they said the music still has the power to inspire them to tell  their stories, sometimes surrounding them in heartbreak and loss, sometimes holding them in arms of great love and beauty. I can feel the deep love towards music through the song they sang.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/916717037/nuren-the-new-renaissance?ref=category (horrible)

The reason I picked Nuren is that I was curious about it’s front page which seemed a little special but when clicked the play menu,  it turned out too be extremely noise and ridiculous. Nuren is  a collection of music videos forming a feature-length story, presented in virtual reality. Unlike a traditional 3D movie, “nuren is rendered in real-time on the computer, so you can look in any direction, and see things happening all around.” Seemed special but really horrible, no one want to waste their time to listen this kind of crazy music.


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1563446835/boss-fight-hand-printed-video-game-posters?ref=home_popular (Fantastic)

It is a surprise to see this gorgeous work made by Nick Derington. It is not just about a brand new kind of fashion but also tell people that anything can be different and you can always create things from different angle.This project consists of three illustrations, the Lizard the pig and the brain that recreate the nervous excitement that meant reaching a game’s hard armed final moments.  A testament to the hours spent building skills, solving puzzles and defeating all the minions that stood in your way towards the game’s final confrontation.This work was shown from the first drawing to the last step that shown on the wall so that the audience can appreciate the whole process of this succeed job.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/790767289/sasquatch-love-oregon-trucker-hats?ref=category_recommended (nonsense)

I do not understand how comes the fashion from displaying a ordinary hat, any one can show something to people saying it is about fashion which made fashion so easy and nonsense. There is no creative idea or anything attractive from the hat. Actually, I think it is just about everyday life butt not fashion.


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