Wk 6 — Artist Interview — Emily Babbette

I was inspired by Emily’s professional painting as soon as I entered in Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Emily was sit just outside the gallery and she is very pretty just like her paintings. All of her paintings are portraits and they are all have a interesting story. To me it is amazing that she told us that the persons which are all her friends was the bridge between her arts and music cause the most of her friends are musicians. This special personal story made her painting more meaningful.


Emily spent almost 30 hours to completed her painting, she often went to visit her friend or invited them to her house as a way to finish painting, so her paintings are very natural and the process even she was tired but also full of fun.  “I see a red door and I want to paint it black”  this is a song sang by The Rolling Stones which inspired Emily with her painting. Music is very important to her and really had a great influence to Emily like she told us.


Emily also have a painting of her younger sister who is now 23, even their interests are quite different they can always share different opinion, ideas and see things in different angles so that they can learn new things together.

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