Wk 6 — Classmate Interview — Mary Quach

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I interviewed Mary Quach this week who is an Asian-American, her  father is from Vietnam and her mother is a Chinese. Quach  is 19 and she was born and grew up in American that is why she can not speak English. She has two brothers and her old brother is in Yale University who also can speak Chinese. As a Chinese, I always excited to speak to students who is from Asian.

Quach did not choose her major yet but she has classes of  anthropology, Chinese and Greek Mythology despite of  Arts. I have been here in America for more than half years but I did not know people in America may like spicy but Quach did. She likes seafood especially fish, food from Thailand and Mexico are her favorite. Of all the colors Quach like blue best even any shade of blue is ok to her.

Maybe I was too excited that it is me who kept talking most of the time. We talked about food and languages, she seemed interested in Chinese language. I would like to tell her more about Chinese dialects but as it is so complicated I did not explain too much. As a Chinese,I hope Mary can spent more time to learn Chinese culture and most importantly learn Chinese language first.And I hope I can see her in China one day.


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