Wk 7 — Classmate Interview — Roxana

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When I finally decide to look for a classmate to start my interview, it is actually almost toward the end of the class. I am so happy to meet Roxana today, she is such a nice girl that we can talk more class. Roxana was born in Torrance which is very close to Long Beach. She took a bus to school everyday and it will take her half hour to get home. Roxana is major in Psychology and  this is her first year in college. She has five courses this semester, despite of arts, she also has math, English and salsa.

Turquoise is Roxana’s favorite color, I did not know this color,to be precisely this word until she told me. As far as I know few people like this color unless they are really special I think. For my perspective, unlike most of the students, Roxana do traveled another country Mexican for vacation with her family.  Roxana likes to hang out with her friends, and she likes go to the beach especially at night because she always want to see sunset. As a foreigner, I am very happy to see a country like America that people and animals are sharing such a harmony and close relationship. I always can see people play with their dogs, having so much fun. Roxana want to have a dog but she did not have one because she do not think she has enough time to take care the dog. Actually I agree with her that to have a dog like have a child to take care of, you need to feed them,play with them and to clean them, that is really too much things to worry about.

There are five people in Roxana’s family, it is cool that she has a twin brother but she told me her brother is darker than her while she is very white. And she has a little sister too. After almost one year here in America I still can’t get used to western food, what I eat everyday is almost the same in China. Roxana likes Chinese food too, and to my surprise she likes spicy.

Hope we can talk more outside the class.



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