Wk 7 — Artist Interview — Juliette Angulo

The artist work displayed in the galleries are extraordinary amazing this week, unlike other week’s work, they were more creative and colorful. As all of the work are so excellent, I almost cannot decide which artist I should interview. But I made my mind soon as the moment I saw Juliette’s work. Juliette has a very creative idea that she did not do the print but insert her idea to the cutting absent military pictures. Each picture had a figure cut out and behind the picture you could see white background in that spot. Actually, the reason that I was so curious about those pictures was that I thought the absence of the person were all valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives in order to protected their country.

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After Juliette’s explanation, I learned that all of the pieces are actually the same person and all the photographers are her younger sister. She explained that the reason she had decided to cut her sister out of each of the photos is to represent her absence since she has been deployed. Juliette’s sister lives on a base in El Paso.  Even they always keep in touch, they used to share a room together  and now it was absent which made her a little uncomfortable .

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Actually there is a timeline for all this photographs which was dated back to two and half years ago. Juliette said that she made four trips to visit her sister and all the pictures were taken by her. Even though the reason for cutting out her sister of the photos was not a secret and she had specific reasons in mind she also thought it would be cool to see what people took from it at first by giving less to the viewer to create a sort of confusion. Juliette told us that her sister works on a helicopter which a lot of people want to and she will probably come back this August. Juliette has a brother too, the relationship between they three are very good. Hoping they can enjoy the family reunion soon.


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