Wk 8 — Activity — Remix

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Life is perfect!


Wk 8 — Artist Interview — Brian Davis

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It was a good experience that I have a chance to interview Brian Davis this week. Actually, I made my mind to interview him as soon as he showed up in Tuesday’s class. As a Chinese, it is rare to see a young person who has a long beard, so I was kind of curious about his work and what kind of person he is. He displayed a time lapse of his preparation of his performance in the class and already explained some of his work during the class and I could still see the lapse in the gallery.


Brian told us that these videos and shows in the lapse are used in their portfolios when applying for certain programs as well as grants. In the video, we can see his work very clear and how they accomplish every piece of his work. This work include the coming of the audience, moving of the furniture or tools, displaying of the work. We can see that they work so hard and had a lot of fun during the procedure. Moreover, there are a photography area which had a white and black background. A big sofa which allowed the audience have a place to sit, talk,rest as well as watch his juicing performance. The most attractive part is his juicing performance, Brian said that what he really did is not just make juice to people but a juicing performance. He always compare art to his juicing, art can open up people’s mind and allow you to express yourself, juicing function the same way. He told us that he juices every three days, because that’s the longest time each juice can last and also the cleaning process is quite tedious.

It is good to know that the fruits he buy is not from chain grocery stores, because he want  to get the best deals and organic produce so that to ensure the quality of the food and to also get the highest amounts of nutrients. To my surprise that he made the juice cups himself, so cool. And I was really appreciate his juice during the interview, it is very tasty and nothing is more healthy than this.


Wk 8 — Classmate Interview — Amanda bjornstad

Two girls came to me asked if I was looking for a partner while I was sitting on a stone checking on my email. I interviewed Amanda as she asked me questions first. Actually both of them are very cute and outgoing. Amanda lives in Villa Park with her family and she has a younger sister. Like lots of Americans she has a dog and it was her aunt who named her dog xoxy, such a cute name. Amanda showed xoxy’s picture to me, xoxy is small and very cute.

Amanda is 18 and she is a freshman major in chemistry, she is currently take four classes including chemistry, political science, biology and arts. What a coincidence that we actually took a same communication class with same professor Jamie who we both think is very pretty, but she took the class last semester. Amanda and her boyfriend Owen is at the same age, and they have been together since one year ago, he is now in the Air Force College . She often hand out with her boyfriend at the weekend.


Wk 7 — Activity — Portrait Landscapes

The activities in this  class are really creative and challenge. For this week, the activity ” Landscapes with a Corpse” confused me for rather a long time, not only because I had never heard of this kind of arts action but also because I have no idea about anything that related to corpse. Even though I found out the requirement of this task, I still have no confidence to do anything meaningful with this assignment. But as it is about ” how do you want to die?” That is a easy question to me anyway, even the pictures I see is not just a performance of corpse, my photography was not technical visible or clear because of the sunset which kind of reflect my intent of dying in the sun at another special way.

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To me, dying in the sun at the middle of the sea is the greatest and most gorgeous way. Personally, I want to be always have a good image at any atmosphere, keep the natural beauty and went back just the way I came from the heaven. The reason I want to show the picture of me that taken at the sea in the sun is that like I mention above, it allows me to combine the sea, the sun and myself together.

From this activity, I believe it is not a bad thing to think about death in a more positive way. Everyone dies,even we cannot extend the length of the live, we can widen the breath of our lives. It matters not how long you live but how valuable your life is. Maybe it time to take active to do things you like, always be happy and make your life more meaningful and valuable.

Wk 7 — Artist Interview — Juliette Angulo

The artist work displayed in the galleries are extraordinary amazing this week, unlike other week’s work, they were more creative and colorful. As all of the work are so excellent, I almost cannot decide which artist I should interview. But I made my mind soon as the moment I saw Juliette’s work. Juliette has a very creative idea that she did not do the print but insert her idea to the cutting absent military pictures. Each picture had a figure cut out and behind the picture you could see white background in that spot. Actually, the reason that I was so curious about those pictures was that I thought the absence of the person were all valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives in order to protected their country.

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After Juliette’s explanation, I learned that all of the pieces are actually the same person and all the photographers are her younger sister. She explained that the reason she had decided to cut her sister out of each of the photos is to represent her absence since she has been deployed. Juliette’s sister lives on a base in El Paso.  Even they always keep in touch, they used to share a room together  and now it was absent which made her a little uncomfortable .

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Actually there is a timeline for all this photographs which was dated back to two and half years ago. Juliette said that she made four trips to visit her sister and all the pictures were taken by her. Even though the reason for cutting out her sister of the photos was not a secret and she had specific reasons in mind she also thought it would be cool to see what people took from it at first by giving less to the viewer to create a sort of confusion. Juliette told us that her sister works on a helicopter which a lot of people want to and she will probably come back this August. Juliette has a brother too, the relationship between they three are very good. Hoping they can enjoy the family reunion soon.

Wk 7 — Classmate Interview — Roxana

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When I finally decide to look for a classmate to start my interview, it is actually almost toward the end of the class. I am so happy to meet Roxana today, she is such a nice girl that we can talk more class. Roxana was born in Torrance which is very close to Long Beach. She took a bus to school everyday and it will take her half hour to get home. Roxana is major in Psychology and  this is her first year in college. She has five courses this semester, despite of arts, she also has math, English and salsa.

Turquoise is Roxana’s favorite color, I did not know this color,to be precisely this word until she told me. As far as I know few people like this color unless they are really special I think. For my perspective, unlike most of the students, Roxana do traveled another country Mexican for vacation with her family.  Roxana likes to hang out with her friends, and she likes go to the beach especially at night because she always want to see sunset. As a foreigner, I am very happy to see a country like America that people and animals are sharing such a harmony and close relationship. I always can see people play with their dogs, having so much fun. Roxana want to have a dog but she did not have one because she do not think she has enough time to take care the dog. Actually I agree with her that to have a dog like have a child to take care of, you need to feed them,play with them and to clean them, that is really too much things to worry about.

There are five people in Roxana’s family, it is cool that she has a twin brother but she told me her brother is darker than her while she is very white. And she has a little sister too. After almost one year here in America I still can’t get used to western food, what I eat everyday is almost the same in China. Roxana likes Chinese food too, and to my surprise she likes spicy.

Hope we can talk more outside the class.


Wk 6 — Activity — Yarn bombing

1CA9B48607ABFC9226E714B0F9F08189 8897A8BFA6CE5AFAF6D760293A81C4C8 D13A866D16F69BC0CF481B788C68B6C9The activity for this week called yarn bombs or yarn storms – may last for years, they are considered non-permanent, and, unlike other forms of graffiti, can be easily removed if necessary. Nonetheless, the practice is still technically illegal in some jurisdictions, though it is not often prosecuted vigorously.Yarn bombing was initially almost exclusively about reclaiming and personalizing sterile or cold public places. It has since developed with groups graffiti knitting and crocheting worldwide, each with their own agendas and public graffiti knitting projects being run.

Actually, yarn bombing is very popular in my country especially in winter. Unlike here in the USA, Chinese have a exact purpose for knitting, either to make clothes or shoes for infant. I used to make scarf by yarn bombing. It seemed easy but really not, to complete one task requires patient and time. there is no doubt that t is rather difficult to accomplish in a short time for this project. Therefore, even though I bought knitting yarn in the market I decide to do something easier and funny.

I think maybe I can use the Knitting yarn to make a five-pointed star which is very beautiful and meaningful. luckily, I have a new understanding of yarn bombing now  after watching so many nice work done by the yarn storming artists in the class, it is good to see an usual work turn out to be a masterwork.QQ图片20150301190404 QQ图片20150301190420 QQ图片20150301190435