Wk 6 — Artist Interview — Emily Babbette

I was inspired by Emily’s professional painting as soon as I entered in Max L. Gatov Gallery East. Emily was sit just outside the gallery and she is very pretty just like her paintings. All of her paintings are portraits and they are all have a interesting story. To me it is amazing that she told us that the persons which are all her friends was the bridge between her arts and music cause the most of her friends are musicians. This special personal story made her painting more meaningful.


Emily spent almost 30 hours to completed her painting, she often went to visit her friend or invited them to her house as a way to finish painting, so her paintings are very natural and the process even she was tired but also full of fun.  “I see a red door and I want to paint it black”  this is a song sang by The Rolling Stones which inspired Emily with her painting. Music is very important to her and really had a great influence to Emily like she told us.


Emily also have a painting of her younger sister who is now 23, even their interests are quite different they can always share different opinion, ideas and see things in different angles so that they can learn new things together.

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Wk 6 — Classmate Interview — Mary Quach

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I interviewed Mary Quach this week who is an Asian-American, her  father is from Vietnam and her mother is a Chinese. Quach  is 19 and she was born and grew up in American that is why she can not speak English. She has two brothers and her old brother is in Yale University who also can speak Chinese. As a Chinese, I always excited to speak to students who is from Asian.

Quach did not choose her major yet but she has classes of  anthropology, Chinese and Greek Mythology despite of  Arts. I have been here in America for more than half years but I did not know people in America may like spicy but Quach did. She likes seafood especially fish, food from Thailand and Mexico are her favorite. Of all the colors Quach like blue best even any shade of blue is ok to her.

Maybe I was too excited that it is me who kept talking most of the time. We talked about food and languages, she seemed interested in Chinese language. I would like to tell her more about Chinese dialects but as it is so complicated I did not explain too much. As a Chinese,I hope Mary can spent more time to learn Chinese culture and most importantly learn Chinese language first.And I hope I can see her in China one day.

Wk 5 — Activity — Kickstarter


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theearnestlovers/the-earnest-lovers-debut-ep?ref=category (amazing)

It is good to know Kickstarter from the Arts 110, nothing is more excited to always try and learn something new. This class provide us lots of opportunity to gain knowledge both inside and outside of the class. For this activity, I chose music as my first project as I love music since I was kid, I believe it is true that sometime music can help us to feel a peace of mind just like the song “I Still Missing You” sang by The Earnest Lovers.

Classic country music has been described as ‘three chords and the truth’ and though the path that inspires The Earnest Lovers might be well worn. Just like they said the music still has the power to inspire them to tell  their stories, sometimes surrounding them in heartbreak and loss, sometimes holding them in arms of great love and beauty. I can feel the deep love towards music through the song they sang.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/916717037/nuren-the-new-renaissance?ref=category (horrible)

The reason I picked Nuren is that I was curious about it’s front page which seemed a little special but when clicked the play menu,  it turned out too be extremely noise and ridiculous. Nuren is  a collection of music videos forming a feature-length story, presented in virtual reality. Unlike a traditional 3D movie, “nuren is rendered in real-time on the computer, so you can look in any direction, and see things happening all around.” Seemed special but really horrible, no one want to waste their time to listen this kind of crazy music.


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1563446835/boss-fight-hand-printed-video-game-posters?ref=home_popular (Fantastic)

It is a surprise to see this gorgeous work made by Nick Derington. It is not just about a brand new kind of fashion but also tell people that anything can be different and you can always create things from different angle.This project consists of three illustrations, the Lizard the pig and the brain that recreate the nervous excitement that meant reaching a game’s hard armed final moments.  A testament to the hours spent building skills, solving puzzles and defeating all the minions that stood in your way towards the game’s final confrontation.This work was shown from the first drawing to the last step that shown on the wall so that the audience can appreciate the whole process of this succeed job.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/790767289/sasquatch-love-oregon-trucker-hats?ref=category_recommended (nonsense)

I do not understand how comes the fashion from displaying a ordinary hat, any one can show something to people saying it is about fashion which made fashion so easy and nonsense. There is no creative idea or anything attractive from the hat. Actually, I think it is just about everyday life butt not fashion.

Wk 5 — Artist Interview — Liz Talbot

After I watched all the paintings in these Gallery I went back to the Marilyn Gallery where there is few people there at that time. And most of the paintings that show in this gallery are too bright which make me confused. But those pictures are really beautiful as each of them are filled with so many different colors and shapes.

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Liz said that she did not really like these painting so much because she painted them not for personal aspiration but only for graduation, she painted them because she had to. Liz started to draw since she was a kid and she stated herself as an realistic painter and she like to create space when she paint. She prefer to work realistic as she always paint from direct observations. Other than that what she painting is what she seeing, but she is absolutely  not just copy for what she seeing. In her view, realism is about personal experience through shape and color that appeal to organize themselves.

I think Liz is a girl with strong personality, she do not talk too much unless we keep ask questions, and she prefer us to take pictures with their paintings instead of her.


Wk 5 — Classmate Interview — Chiristen

When I got to the Arts Gallery , seemed everyone was busy with their conversation, except when Christen passed by, I realized she was looking for someone to interview just like me. Then I turned back and said hell to her. Christen is so cute that she was smiling all the time during our conversation, her smile make me more relaxed and made our conversation full of fun.

Christen live in the ihouse and there are totally six person in her dormitory but she was actually born in California and now live in Anaheim with his dad, she went home every Thursday after school.Christen is the only child in her family and she got her first dog whose name is belly last year from his father. She is major in Fashion that is why she has textile class, other than that she has Ethic and English class too.

Christen likes movies that can make people think differently like her favorite one is” Mr. Nobody”.She like blue color most and that the color most of her clothe is. She also like beach and often hang out with her boyfriend at the weekend. She learned swim from summer camp since she was a little child but she have not swim for a long time. Christen is a very nice girl , even my English is not good enough to explain all the things clear enough, she was very polite and patient to me. I hope she can always keep her smile and may her happiness be without limit.

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Wk 4 — Activity — The Mina Show

Arts can be marvelous and gorgeous, arts also considered creative and unique, I believe arts can be ridiculous and crazy. BA09073405EA3DD554725414D0F21D03QQ图片20150215191729E7010C732027696ED0528F91332ECF99

According to Wikipedia  performing arts are forms in which artists use their body, voice, or objects to convey artistic expression—as opposed to, for example, purely visual arts in which artists use paint/canvas or various materials to create physical or static arts. Performing arts include a variety of disciplines but all are intended to be performed in front of a live audience.

I either use objects as well as gestures to create physical arts showing that arts can be crazy, funny and creative.

The first picture I want to show an idea that I like dolphin and as I am nearsighted ,I  really want to see clear, to enjoy the beautiful world just like the dolphins enjoy their freedom in the ocean. The second picture was just taken for fun, maybe a little horrible in dark, but I choose leave the light on to make more fun instead of scared people. The third one is part of our Chinese culture about shadow play,

Wk 4 — Artist Interview — Daniel A Rivera-Echeverria

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It is a great to see something new and special in Dc.Maxine Merlino Gallery. As the door is kept closed in that Gallery which made me a little curious. After I opened the door, seemed like I entered to another world. It is dark inside but one side of the wall filled with beautiful lights which made the world romantic. Even the work is creative, it is hard to understand the whole procedure. That is why so many classmates was attracted here I thought.

The artist for this work is Daniel A Rivera-Echeverria, he was sit outside answering all questions from those curious students, he is patient, easing-going and lovely. After all the students were left, I got a chance to ask him the procedure and the idea of making this impressive work. The main material for this work is wood, rope, small stokes. It looked easy but difficult task to finish. He spent two month to do it. The exhibition is a painting composed of small strokes and tears. stroke is created with layers of art magazine paper,articles, construction paper, and canvas; Imbedded underneath area string that are pulled apart to reveal the light in each individual piece.

The meaning of this work is to show people that they can do differently and rip away from a traditional way of thinking and opening a void of new possibilities. everyone should always try something new and be more creative. Also the reason why he want to give these away after the exhibition to our students is bring the idea that artist is not usually give arts  away but to your family ,your friends. So people can hold them and choose their own.The absence light or adversity can create the potential to illuminate a chance to better ourselves.