Wk 8 — Artist Interview — Brian Davis

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It was a good experience that I have a chance to interview Brian Davis this week. Actually, I made my mind to interview him as soon as he showed up in Tuesday’s class. As a Chinese, it is rare to see a young person who has a long beard, so I was kind of curious about his work and what kind of person he is. He displayed a time lapse of his preparation of his performance in the class and already explained some of his work during the class and I could still see the lapse in the gallery.


Brian told us that these videos and shows in the lapse are used in their portfolios when applying for certain programs as well as grants. In the video, we can see his work very clear and how they accomplish every piece of his work. This work include the coming of the audience, moving of the furniture or tools, displaying of the work. We can see that they work so hard and had a lot of fun during the procedure. Moreover, there are a photography area which had a white and black background. A big sofa which allowed the audience have a place to sit, talk,rest as well as watch his juicing performance. The most attractive part is his juicing performance, Brian said that what he really did is not just make juice to people but a juicing performance. He always compare art to his juicing, art can open up people’s mind and allow you to express yourself, juicing function the same way. He told us that he juices every three days, because that’s the longest time each juice can last and also the cleaning process is quite tedious.

It is good to know that the fruits he buy is not from chain grocery stores, because he want  to get the best deals and organic produce so that to ensure the quality of the food and to also get the highest amounts of nutrients. To my surprise that he made the juice cups himself, so cool. And I was really appreciate his juice during the interview, it is very tasty and nothing is more healthy than this.