Wk 7 — Activity — Portrait Landscapes

The activities in this  class are really creative and challenge. For this week, the activity ” Landscapes with a Corpse” confused me for rather a long time, not only because I had never heard of this kind of arts action but also because I have no idea about anything that related to corpse. Even though I found out the requirement of this task, I still have no confidence to do anything meaningful with this assignment. But as it is about ” how do you want to die?” That is a easy question to me anyway, even the pictures I see is not just a performance of corpse, my photography was not technical visible or clear because of the sunset which kind of reflect my intent of dying in the sun at another special way.

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To me, dying in the sun at the middle of the sea is the greatest and most gorgeous way. Personally, I want to be always have a good image at any atmosphere, keep the natural beauty and went back just the way I came from the heaven. The reason I want to show the picture of me that taken at the sea in the sun is that like I mention above, it allows me to combine the sea, the sun and myself together.

From this activity, I believe it is not a bad thing to think about death in a more positive way. Everyone dies,even we cannot extend the length of the live, we can widen the breath of our lives. It matters not how long you live but how valuable your life is. Maybe it time to take active to do things you like, always be happy and make your life more meaningful and valuable.


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